Our Story

The Polmone Pulsante, Centre of Research and Promotion of the Arts, is a non-profit organization, was founded in Rome in 1976 in Nomentana 403 on the initiative of Saviero Ungheri and his wife Teresa Nasso, who have always taken charge of the organization and management of its cultural seasons. Saverio and Teresa are no longer with us, but they have left behind a natural awareness of the need to enhance the work done so far and continue to revive an original and unique center of culture as is the Polmone Pulsante.

The Center, which in 2014 reached thirty-eight years of operating, has had its headquarters in Salita del Grillo 21 since 1989. Since 1976, the Center has been meeting with well-known painters, sculptors , writers, poets and musicians. We organize literary awards for poetry, offering young and old artists throughout solo and group exhibitions. Retrospectives and memorials have been held at the center, as well. The center has met with the highest representatives from various social and cultural studies who have spoken of specific contemporary as well as issues of collective interest.

They were invited to encourage discussions with the audience and selected representatives of different and sometimes conflicting political perspectives. Even though European and World culture have been exhibited and explored at the Center, “Italian Art" has always been privileged through  the intervention of critical experts in different fields. In the years between 1991- 2000, and currently the center has had the patronage of the Culture of the Municipality of Rome and since 2013 has the patronage of the Culture of the Municipality I of Rome.

The grand staircase visible from the gate (day and night), houses pulsating sculptures made of metal and plastic whose mobility is controlled continuously from the outside with an electronic button.

Logo personale Polmone Pulsante